Top 6 Big Scissors for Cutting Bushes & Buying Guide

As part of taking care of your garden, you might have to consider trimming the bushes. You do not always need the big shears to get the job done. This is because there are multiple big scissors for cutting bushes available for you to try out. We get to look at some of the top options in the market to help you learn more about the uses of these big scissors and which one you should choose from the many available.

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Why You Need Big Scissors for Cutting Bushes

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Maintaining the plant size

One of the main reasons you would want big scissors for cutting brushes is so that you can maintain the plant at the optimal size. Sometimes bushes can outgrow and seem not to look their best. For this reason, you would need the right scissors to trim them back to the right size.

Each time you use these scissors, make sure they are sharp to leave you with clean cuts all the time. The last thing you want is to damage the plant barks when trimming the branches.

Safer way to tend to bushes

Safety tends to be a big issue when trimming the bushes. However, it is easy to see that with the use of the scissors you can prune the bushes faster and with much more safety than ever before. Some manufacturers now offer these scissors with safety locks. This ensures that the blades are locked for storage. Even if a child accidentally accesses the scissors, they would not operate them as they are locked.

Comfortable way to trim bushes

New models of scissors are designed to be better at comfort. This is because you might have to trim the bushes for long sessions, so it is important to keep them comfortable. Depending on the model, the chances are that you will not experience calluses or bruises from using the scissors for too long.

Good for precision

Another reason for big scissors for cutting bushes is that they help you achieve the best precision when making the cuts. They are mostly sharp units so that you can end up with clean cuts. Also, you might be looking to make a certain design when cutting the bushes. With a nice pair of scissors, you should end up with fine attention to detail.

Top 6 Best Big Scissors for Cutting Bushes

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Gardena 8798-20 Comfort Ratchet Secateurs SmarCut

Product Name: Gardena 8798-20 Comfort Ratchet Secateurs SmarCut

Product Description: The scissors are designed to perform clean cuts that you might need for the bushes around your garden. The clean cuts are possible thanks to the model being sharp. You will not have to use a lot of effort to make the cuts. Still, the blade is rust resistant and has a non-stick coating on the blade. You should now have an easier time cleaning it. The unit also comes with the ratchet mechanism. This type of mechanism is ideal as it allows for you to cut even the large diameter branches. There is also the anvil cutting principle with this unit. With this construction, you end up with a stable anvil important for cutting through the hard-dry wood. Also, it improves the clean cuts and eliminates the damage to the bark when making the cuts. Many find it being a convenient and comfortable unit to feel in the hand. The handles are angled to ensure that they fit perfectly in the hand.

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  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Comfortable
  • Clean cuts


These scissors are all about providing clean cuts. Also, they are designed to do make these clean cuts to avoid damage to the barks. They can handle large bushes with ease. The unit feels comfortable in the hand for those who want to work on several bushes in a day.


✔️Provides clean cuts

✔️It is rust resistant

✔️Convenient and comfortable


❌Expensive for what it is

Runner’s Up

Will’s Sword Pruning Clippers for the Garden

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This is another great option for anyone looking to handle bushes around the garden. For its design, you will find that it can cut up to branches of 1 inch. Also, the blade is sharp to leave you with clean cuts each time you do the pruning.

You do not have to worry about the blades remaining sharp for longer as they are made of carbon SK-5 steel. This type of steel is always strong and remains sharper for longer before you have to sharpen it again. Even if you use the scissors more often, sharpening is not necessary.

The comfortable handles are also worth pointing out. You will find that the unit has comfortable and ergonomic handles. Such a design ensures that the handles fit perfectly in your hand. Also, the non-slip rubber makes the scissors to feel comfortable in the hand. This makes it good for using it over long hours.

✔️Stays sharp for longer
✔️The handles are comfortable to feel
✔️It is sturdy and durable
❌The spring durability could be better

Mockins Professional Heavy-Duty Garden Pruning Scissors

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 These are professional pruners you should consider getting today as the best big scissors for cutting bushes. They are highly rated for being easy to use and generally comfortable in the hands. The ergonomic rubber handles should make your time trimming the bushes easier than before. You can forget about the arthritic pain.

The unit features a safety lock. This type of lock is an important safety feature for anyone using the scissors for pruning. Even those who have small hands, they would have an easier time working with such a unit. Always put the safety lock on when the scissors are not in use.

When it comes to the blade, the unit stands out for having sharp stainless-steel blades. Since they are sharp, it should make it effortless to make clean cuts when pruning. You will also not have to keep sharpening the scissors more often.

✔️They come with a safety lock
✔️The unit has sharp stainless-steel blades
✔️Comes with ergonomic rubber handles
❌A few complaints about the coil spring easily popping out

WOYESHENMU 8” Bypass Pruning Shears

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This is one of the best scissors for cutting bushes that also come with multiple accessories you might need. Sometimes you might lose the coil spring while pruning the bushes. When this happens, you can always get yourself another spring as the unit is shipped with an extra spring.

It comes out as a versatile tool for you to own right now. This is because the tool can be used for cutting vines, bushes, small shrubs, ornamental plants, roses, and much more. As for the cutting capacity, this model can cut up to 1 inch of fresh branches and ½-inch for dry branches.

To make it effective, it is equipped with a 75cr1 stainless steel blade. This type of blade is ideal for those who might be looking to handle hard branches with ease. This is because the shears remain sharper for longer.

✔️The model has multiple accessories
✔️The blade remains sharper for longer
✔️Has a good cutting capacity
❌The coil spring easily comes off

KeShi Pruner Shears Garden Cutter Clippers

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The manufacturer made this model using high quality materials to ensure its durability. An example is the blade. You will find the blade being made of 3Cr13 stainless steel material. The result is that the blade can easily cut through different branches with ease.

The design is also aimed about making the clippers easier to use. This unit is slightly curved so that you get the best ergonomics. There is also the spring that absorbs the shock and improves the pressure applied to the branches. You should now find it easier to make the cuts faster than before.

We must point out the comfortable handle you get with the unit. We like that it does come made of high purity PP+TPR plastic. These handles are also designed to be non-slip. Even if you use it in wet environments, you should always have the best grip.

✔️The workmanship is exquisite
✔️The handle is comfortable
✔️It is easy to use the scissors
❌A few complaints about occasional pinching from the scissors

SwissCut Pro Professional Bypass Hand Pruning Shears

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This is one of the best big scissors for cutting bushes to buy right now. It has been redesigned for 2020. This means that you get a better model that cuts better and easier to use. It is also now easier to use and lock to put away. You will find its usability is better than what you got with the older models.

As part of the redesign, it comes with sharp SK-5 stainless steel blade. This type of blade offers superior cuts that anyone would want to see with their shears. It is able to leave clean cuts each time when used.

The anti-slip rubber grips are what you need when using the scissors more often. The handles of the scissors will ensure you have an easier time controlling the scissors for the best cuts. These handles also have a bright orange color. This makes them highly visible so that you can find them each time you accidentally drop them in a bush.

The unit is made with durability in mind. It can last you for a long time, even if you keep using it more often. Being a reliable tool for long term use makes it an ideal tool for anyone who needs a durable pair of scissors for cutting bushes.

✔️Durable unit
✔️Good for cutting tough branches
✔️Impressive anti-slip rubber grip
❌It is pricey

Buying Guide for the Big Scissors for Cutting Bushes

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The blade material

The first thing you must consider should be the blade that you get with your scissors. Look at the material used to make the blade and the size too. This ensures that you end up with the best big scissors for cutting bushes.

Most models would have stainless steel blades with the best durability. You would not worry about replacing the scissors any time soon. Also, the stainless-steel blades are good for remaining sharp for longer. No one wants to keep sharpening the blade more often when it can remain sharper for longer.

The weight

Scissors are generally light tools; however, you would want the most lightweight big scissors for the various applications you might have to do. The lightweight nature of the scissors will go a long way to improve the overall performance of the unit over extended periods.

Lightweight scissors are also good for helping you achieve better precision whenever you are trimming the branches. The same cannot be said for a heavy pair as you would focus more on handling the weight rather than achieving precision.

The brand

Another thing people would want to keep in mind when buying big scissors for cutting bushes include the brand. Some brands are known for making high quality products as compared to others. All the brands we have mentioned above in the reviews can be an ideal option for you to consider getting. Always read reviews about a pair of scissors before making up your mind. Do not just buy a tool because it comes from a top brand.

The handle

You should always consider looking at the handle of the scissors too. You need comfortable handles that also offer the best grip. Luckily, most of the big scissors for cutting bushes are designed with ergonomics in mind. As a result, the handle gives you more comfort and control over the tool for you to make clean cuts all the time.


From the guide above on the best big scissors for cutting bushes, you should now have all the information to pick the right tool. When you have the best pair of scissors, you should then have an easier time trimming the bushes. Make sure to look at the cutting capacity to end up with the best pair that can cut the bushes better. Always maintain safety even when working with these scissors. You can wear gloves where necessary.

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