5 Best Compost to Buy for Vegetable Garden & Buying Guide

For a while now, there has been an increased interest in what is the best compost to buy for vegetable garden. As much as you can make compost at home, not all people will have the space to make their own compost. It is why they rely on commercial compost. For this reason, we have decided to look at what are some of the top options in the market for you to buy. We look at what nutrients they can offer and what would be the benefits of using such commercial compost.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Compost Buying

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Before you can buy the best compost for your vegetable garden, there are a few things you should know about compost. Below are the do’s and don’ts of compost buying.


  • Depending on what you need to grow, make sure that you choose the right compost for that purpose. Like for our case, we recommend that you opt for a compost best meant for growing vegetables.
  • Always check the soil pH before planting. Sometimes depending on the type of pH you have; you might need to add lime soil improver to make the pH better. Some pH levels are not good for growing vegetables.
  • If there is any left-over compost, make sure that it is stored correctly until the next use. Since you would not be applying it to the garden anytime soon, follow the instructions as given by the manufacturer to get it done.
  • As much as you have applied the compost, do not forget about watering the vegetables. The compost helps the water get to the roots as it breaks down the soil. The soil also gets better at water retention. So, you will not have to keep watering the soil more often.


  • Don’t saw the seeds directly into the standard compost. If you are sowing seeds in the garden, consider using the seed-based compost. This is important as it will provide the optimum conditions for root growth and has the right nutrients for the young plants.
  • Don’t assume that the compost will have all the nutrients that your plants needs to grow. Check what the compost manufacturer claims to be in the compost. Sometimes you might have to consider including supplementary fertilizer or seek other ways to add more nutrients to the soil.
  • Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the compost label. These instructions will help you apply the compost better and get the desired results. You should take your time to go through the instructions or get into contact with the company customer support if you have any questions. Some composts are concentrated, so make sure they are diluted appropriately.

Top 5 Best Compost to Buy for Vegetable Garden

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Fishnure 16 Pound Living Humus Compost Soil Conditioning Fertilizer

Product Name: Fishnure 16 Pound Living Humus Compost Soil Conditioning Fertilizer

Product Description: This type of soil conditioning fertilizer is loved for being all-natural. It is why you would be comfortable using it in your vegetable garden. The compost is made from fish manure, which is all about giving you the best nutrients that the vegetables need to grow better. This compost is also highly concentrated. The result is that you end up using a small amount of the fertilizer and end up enjoying the results. The manufacturer recommends that 1 pound of the compost should be used to treat 60 square feet of soil. This should be ideal for most gardens. The compost is long lasting unlike what you get with other organic fertilizers on the market. This means that you will have more organic materials in the soil even after the first cycle of the vegetables. At this point, you can still grow other vegetables without adding more compost.

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  • Yeild
  • Aeration
  • Soil fertility
  • Ease of use


This is a top choice for those who need high quality compost. It lasts longer so that you do not have to add compost to your soil all the time. Since it does not have an odor, it should be perfect for most people. You will end up with an increased yield, aeration, and fertility


✔️Impressive nutrients

✔️It is long lasting

✔️It increases the yields


❌Plant disease suppression could be better

Runner’s Up

Wakefield Compost Hero Biochar Blend Premium Compost

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Coming from Wakefield, we find this compost being one of the best to choose right now. We like it for adding the right nutrients to your vegetable garden. The use of biochar makes it the best compost to buy for vegetable garden. This is because such would not require the use of chemical fertilizers all the time.

The application of the compost is not hard. The manufacturer gives you all the instructions you will need when shipping the product to you. As such, you should have an easier time using the compost blend more often.

From the moment you use the compost, you will notice that there is an increase in the crop yield. Even if you have a small space to grow your vegetables, you will notice that it is easier to grow more vegetables. Also, the water retention of the soil gets better. As such, you will not have to water the garden all the time.

✔️It improves the crop yield ✔️The soil water retention gets better ✔️It is easy to apply the compost
. ❌Needs more of the compost to make a difference .

Coast of Maine Q1 Lobster Compost Soil Conditioner

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This is a unique compost that stands out as the best compost to buy for vegetable garden. This is because they use lobsters for coming up with the compost. The result is that you end up with a high-quality compost for the garden. This is based on the number of positive reviews that people have about this product.

The blend will improve the soil fertility even when applied in small amounts. Many who have used it always go back to get it as they know it will improve the crop yield. Other than improving the crop yield, it also improves the water retention capability. With more water in the soil, the plants can grow better.

This blend is designed to be used for flower and vegetable gardens. So, if you have some flowerbeds around your home, then you should consider getting this compost soil conditioner. The approval by organic gardeners shows that it can be trusted by anyone who needs the best comfort to buy for vegetable garden.

✔️It is good for flowers and vegetable gardens ✔️The compost provides essential nutrients in the soil ✔️Ease of application
. ❌Overpriced for the size .

Black Kow Composted Cow Manure

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This is another good choice for anyone who wants the best compost to buy for vegetable garden. It is loved for being organic and the many nutrients it will release into the soil. The best part is that the nutrients are slowly released into the soil without necessarily burning the tender roots.

If you have sandy soil, this is another good option for you to consider. It is able to provide the soil with better moisture holding capacity. You will end up with better aeration and moisture even for the clay soil types. Well, it is easy to see that the compost is great for all soil types.

The compost is also good for breaking up the soils to help the nutrients and water get to the plant as needed. The result is that you end up with the best vegetable garden to grow your plants. It should be easy to notice the difference during one season of the vegetables.

✔️Nutrients are released slowly to avoid burning the tender roots ✔️Good for all soil types ✔️Breaks down the soil to allow water and nutrients go through it
. ❌Has an odor some might not like .

Gardenersbud Super Compost Tea

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This is slightly different from the others we have mentioned above, but it still does the same job. We love it for helping improve your soil in just a few days of using it. It is concentrated, so make sure to dilute it in water and apply it as recommended by the manufacturer.

The organic compounds in the tea will leach into the soil and then provide you with improved pathways in the soil. These pathways allow for the nutrients to easily reach the plant roots. The tea compost also contains micro and macro nutrients. These nutrients will reach the roots now resulting into better vegetables.

The compost tea is also ideal for buffering the soil PH. You end up with the right pH that your plants need to grow better.

You can apply the compost tea directly to the leaves or the soil. Whichever method you choose, the compost tea is still effective.

✔️Good for buffering the soil pH ✔️Comes with micro and macro nutrients ✔️It is easy to apply
. ❌Not as long lasting as compared to others above .

How to Choose the Best Compost

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Ease of application

Depending on the type of compost, the method of application will vary a lot. Some will be ready for mixing with soil straight out of the bag. However, some might need diluting first. If you end up purchasing concentrated vegetable compost, you should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to dilute it appropriately.

Also, the form of compost will affect the ease of application. Most would come in solid form. However, you can end up with compost in the form of liquid. The liquid can be easy to apply, but it might end up to unwanted areas, so be sure to check that out.


You should also consider the effectiveness of the compost before buying. To learn more about the effectiveness of a compost is by looking at the reviews of those who have used it before. It is from the reviews that you will learn if the compost is worth getting or not. You might get that some compost products require to be used in a lot of quantity before you can see results. It is always good to learn from the mistakes of other people. Only pick the highly rated and effective compost.

The price and size

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for the best compost for buy for vegetable garden is the price in relation to the amount of compost. Depending on the manufacturer, some would price their compost high in relation to the amount of compost you get. Always look for value for money in any product. Yes, some might be small, but they will be concentrates meaning they cover a larger area with ease.

The nutrients

The first reason you are opting for a compost product is because you want to enrich the soil with the right nutrients. It is for this reason; we recommend that you take your time to find out what type of nutrients will you end up introducing into the soil.

Remember that different composts might have something different to offer. Also, depending on the age of the plant, different nutrients are required for the same. As a result, the standard compost for growing vegetables cannot be used for sowing seeds.

Most manufacturers will have the nutrient information listed on their packaging so that you can make an informed decision.

Raw materials used

The quality of compost is determined by the raw materials used and the method of composting. Because it is hard to learn about the composting method, focus on the raw materials. Most manufacturers will list the ingredients used as raw materials to make the compost. It is important to get compost that uses organic or pesticide-free raw materials. This ensures that you are paying for the organic product that you need.


Now that you know more about the best compost to buy for vegetable garden, you should go ahead and get yourself the right one now. Once you have the best compost, expect the vegetables to grow better than before. You will have neighbors asking what is the secret to getting such a beautiful garden. Keep in mind the nutrients you get from a product always before making a purchase.

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